We believe climate change is solvable.

1.5 degrees celsius – that’s the number to beat.  Meaning anything above that in global temperature rise will lead to catastrophic climate change.  The International Panel on Climate Change has declared that the world must remove 40B metric tons of CO2 from the environment to stay below 1.5 degree rise.  

We’re committing to capturing 1B metric tons through practical, scalable, affordable carbon capture technology.

Empowering all of us

The truth is, extensive carbon capture technology has existed for some time, but hasn’t been put to use. Why? It’s expensive, it’s complicated and it’s available to a few very large scale entities. We think there’s a better way to solve the problem.  

We’re focused on creating carbon capture technology that’s available to more companies and people.

We believe that 1000 little guys capturing carbon can move faster than one lumbering big guy.  

And we believe we can create technology with a compelling business case - meaning we’re not just asking you to be altruistic, we’re helping improve your bottom line.

Our founder,
Amy George

Amy George is a successful entrepreneur. She’s also a mom. And like most moms, Amy wants her kids and her kids’ kids to have a safe planet.

With a background in industrial control and artificial intelligence, founder and veteran impact entrepreneur Amy knew there were decades of carbon capture innovation that could be unlocked for use by small businesses and individuals.

As CEO of a consumer products company for the last decade, George witnessed the exponential rise in conscious consumers as the engine for growth and positive change. She saw first hand how companies like Nest and Tesla could use technology to disrupt established industries and deliver positive impact.

There’s really no more important work in Amy’s estimation, and so 
she corralled her scientific background, her entrepreneurial ingenuity, and her personal passion into a solutions-oriented business named Earthly Labs.

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation

That means we’ve incorporated as an entity legally and culturally committed to considering all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

We are committed to economic, social and environmental value creation. We believe everyone can have a hand in solving climate change. Let’s go.