She's one of a kind.

The first and only plug-and-play CO2 capture and recovery system for brewers.

There’s a better way to do CO2.

If you’re a brewer, you know that the fifth key ingredient in beer is Carbon Dioxide, CO2. But while you may spend countless hours seeking the best hops and monitoring your yeast health, many brewers never consider the quality of commercial CO2.

At the same time, most breweries generate and vent more CO2 than they buy and use for production, but without a simple or affordable way to capture and reuse generated CO2, high monthly expenses for commercial CO2 are the norm.

Meanwhile vented CO2 enters the atmosphere and contributes to one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

That’s why we invented CiCi.

CiCi is the world’s first and only plug-and-play CO2 capture and recovery solution for brewers. That means simple, affordable CO2 capture, purification, storage, and reuse.

The upshot? Brewers cut monthly expenses, make great beer even better, and help keep the planet cool. Go CiCi go.


Cut variable CO2 expenses, reduce storage fees and delivery charges, and avoid long-term contracts


Never run out of CO2 during critical production cycles


Meet or exceed international beverage quality standards for CO2 while reducing other impurities often found in commercial CO2


Develop brand loyalty by investing in sustainable business practices important to your customers


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions because you can!

The CiCi Advantage.

Fastest deployment
Best quality recovered CO2
Lowest resource use
Smallest physical footprint
Simplest maintenance
Accessible solution

Install in hours
O2 below 4 PPM
Use no water and low energy
Refrigerator size
Universal design, off-the-shelf parts
Affordable, modular solution with lease-to-own option

  • Digital display for at-a-glance monitoring and system control
  • Energy efficient design maximizes CO2 capture per kwH used
  • 1/10th the scale of traditional industrial capture systems
  • Wet rated equipment and certified parts
  • Only one electrical connection — 208 three-phase
  • Warranty, maintenance and quality program

Earthly Labs’ patented three-step purifying process yields beverage grade CO2 at 99.99% purity.

  1. Regenerative molecular sieve dryers remove 100% of moisture and acid gasses
  2. Activated carbon bed removes odors, tastes and impurities
  3. Miniaturized gas-to-liquid chilling technology converts CO2 to liquid at -40 Celcius removing all remaining impurities

For pricing information and lease-to-own options,
contact us at or call 512.680.0142

About Us

Earthly Labs provides technology solutions to capture, recover and re-use CO2 emissions from small-scale sources. To increase accessibility and impact, we offer support services, financing, and CO2 recycling to our customers worldwide.

Earthly Labs has pursued B Corporation status to affirm our commitment to using business as a force for good. B Corp certification provides the legal framework for achieving economic, social and environmental value.

A few facts about Earthly Labs:

  • 100% of our products and services are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • 100% of our significant suppliers follow our social and environmental standards
  • We have banked with a state bank from inception to keep capital local
  • We are a women-founded and led company
  • We provide employee benefits from living wages to flexible work hours

We join the ranks of 2,000+ businesses worldwide from Patagonia to Seventh Generation to Ben & Jerry’s who are using commerce to create change. Click here to learn more about the B Corporation movement.

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