Capture your carbon.
Bottle better beer.

Earthly Labs CiCi Carbon Capture solution offers brewers a plug-and-play solution to recover waste CO2 from their fermentation and brite tanks, purify it to meet beverage grade standards and reuse it to make better beer.

The CiCi Benefits

Reduce or eliminate CO2 costs by capturing carbon instead of purchasing it.

Manage your CO2 supply to avoid production downtime, delays, and loss

Reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to 400-1600 trees planted per year

Improve the quality of your beer with native CO2 to simulate natural carbonation

Drive brand loyalty - a majority of craft beer consumers reward investments in green technology

Meet CiCi

CiCi, a plug-n-play carbon capture solution, efficiently transforms a mixed CO2 gas waste stream into beverage grade liquid CO2 for instant reuse. The CiCi platform includes patented purification technology, CO2 capture vessels (foam traps), control and monitoring software, and CO2 storage. CiCi fits decades of big chemistry and control science into a box the size of a refrigerator.

  • 3-step gas purification technology dries, scrubs and liquefies the mixed gas to remove oxygen, moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aromas, and acid gases
  • Sensor technology automates CO2 capture process, reduces oxygen in gas stream, and enables energy-efficient capture
  • Software platform helps brewers monitor key indicators, control performance, track CO2 volume and share environmental and economic impact data
  • System design handles variable CO2 gas flow rates, allowing capture from different size breweries, fermentation vessels or brite tanks
  • CO2 capture hardware certified and designed for wet, and corrosive brewery environments

Why breweries?

The craft brewing industry emits over nearly half billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. Craft brewers purchase about half this amount of carbon annually to carbonate and package their beer.  Earthly Labs makes it possible to close the loop on a brewery's waste.